Night Using flash selfie enhancing sync LED flash light for iOS android phone and WP8 system gopro dis monopod



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  • The first one portable mini sync led flash which built-in 4 led lights
  • Can free used in smart phone and pad with iOS,Android and WP8 system
  • Suitable for low-light situations
  • The best accessory for selfies
  • The lightest led flash for photographic equipments for DSLR, Analogue camera, TBC
  • Provide a cusp contrast in light efficiency for DSLR
  • Built-in battery no consumption power on your devices
  • Photo and video mode available
  • Act as a flashlight tool without connecting any device

Product specifications


  • For ios system can suit for ios 6, 7, 8 versions
  • For android system can fit for 4.0 or higher version
  • For window 8.0 and higher version

It can be used for moveable devices and other normal camera with the hot shoe mount. After installed the iblazr app, led light will flash and then out, then need to press the button, the lowest light will on, press more, the light will enhance.

Note:If you need to use the icanany led light need to install the iblazr app, it can used for ios and android 4.0 system. It supports to change from front camera and rear camera. When take selfie, you can power on the light all the time to get higher quality pictures. For using rear camera, can add the led light and using the built-in flash at same time.
Three main functions:
1. Replace the built-in flash of phone and pad. The light is the key matter for taking photos. There are lots of advantages to take pictures by using phone. However, comparing with advanced photographic equipments, the effect of using cell phone is vague so the light is quite important. While if you use icanany led light which is the new selfie product, can add light.
2. Cold and hot shoe mode. The smallest led flash which can be suitable for DSLR, for Canon EOS and PowerShot series. for Nikon D series. for SONY NEX and RX series, for Samsung NX.
3. As a desk lamp, flashlight, emergency light and the independent led flash for photography

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Brand Name




Model Number



Black , White, Grey


28mm* 32mm* 9mm

Light effect

70 Degree beam 5600 K Color temperature >80 CRI


Capacity – 110 mAh Up to – 500 flashes