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1, one-button scanning mode switch and low resolution settings, easy to operate
2, can be seen in real-time scanning paper number, you do not need to install any professional driver software
3, MicroSD memory card directly to read scan data, card reader or USB cable connection can be achieved without scanning pen
4, the scan data for the JPEG format, editing convenience
5, the power of ordinary AA batteries, easy to go out of office to carry, easy to replace
SkyPix handheld scanner is a portable wireless scanner that can help you capture important documents, letters, magazines, or recipes, and stored directly in the microSD card maximum 32G. It can scan a large area, 8.5inch x 50 inch of A4 color contact image sensor, a high-quality 600dpi or standard 300dpi resolution, color / monochrome can be selected by you, the maximum scan size of A4 paper. With a USB 2.0 interface, SkyPix handheld scanner is powered by 2 AA batteries, you can scan more than 200 pages. Scanned file will be saved as JPEG files. Random send OCR software can convert JPEG file to WORD and other text format, very easy to operate and very compact.
The world’s first to support TF card memory

Type: TSN410

Features: Portable scanner Resolution: Standard resolution: 300×300 dpi (default); highest resolution: 600×600 dpi

Image Sensor: A4 Color photoelectric sensor

White Balance: Auto

LCD: Scanning status display

Storage format: JPEG

Scanning width: 8.27

Scan length: 300DPI: 50 (maximum) 600DPI: 25 (maximum)

Scan speed: Color high resolution 13 seconds / page black and white high-resolution 6 seconds / page
Color low resolution 3 seconds / page black and white low-resolution 2 seconds / page (A4 paper scanner)

The amount of storage: high resolution about (HIGH) 400 sheets / low resolution (LOW) (about 1500 using 2G memory card)

Auto power off: three minutes

Brightness balance: Auto

Storage: MicroSD / TF card, no built-in memory card storage needs with

Extended Memory: MicroSD / TF (1G-32GB)

Transmission mode: USB2.0

Size: 256X30X31mm

Power supply: battery (5 batteries X2)

Weight: 164g without battery; 212g plus battery;

Body Color: Standard Color Silver Black

Work: offline scan

Automatic shutdown: no operation off automatically after 3 minutes

Standard accessories: USB cable, protective cover, two AA batteries.

Scanning software: supports Windows Imaging, PHOTO Shop and other similar image processing OCR software.

System environment: Windows 2000 / ME / XP, MAC X, 128 MB RAM, 1000 MB HDD,

Features: Two-wheel stability control system scans the entire page

Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410Portable Scanner TSN410

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